A whole life for art.


20.09.2019 – 26.07.2020

Exhibition view Museum DKM
Photo: SKDM

The Museum DKM was dedicating a comprehensive exhibition of works to the sculptor Erwin Wortelkamp on the entire six-room temporary exhibition area. From September 2019 to March 2020, works were presented covering a more than 40-year creative phase, from the 1970s to the present day. The collectors and museum founders Dirk Krämer and Klaus Maas have been following the work of the sculptor Erwin Wortelkamp for twenty years. Erwin Wortelkamp has preferred special interior and exterior spaces for his autonomous sculptures for decades. Wortelkamp takes into account the effect of the respective place on the perception of the works as part of artistic design. In doing so, however, he does not create works connected with the place in the traditional sense, but examines how these works, taken from the “home” studio, behave in new contexts. The student of the Danish iron sculptor Robert Jakobsen doesn’t create sculptures for a specific place, on the contrary he finds special places for his sculptures.

The starting point for the development of a spatial concept is a large-scale sculpture made of calcified oak, which was exhibited in the Gallery DKM at the inner harbour of Duisburg as early as 2001. The work, which was presented in the context of the exhibition at the Lehmbruck Museum and the entire city of Duisburg at the same time, was entitled Sculpture – Architecture, which summarizes an important theme in his work, with which he has been working for decades repeatedly. Another calcified wooden sculpture, but three-part and much more fine-grained, illustrates the possibilities of this medium. The Step was exhibited at the Arp Museum in 2007. At first glance, a strong contrast-forming, filigree drawings deal with the same subject that the wooden sculptures also take up: in the discussion with the sculptor and architect Filarete (Antonio di Pietro Averlino c. *1400 in Florence; c. +1469 in Rome?) Wortelkamp refers to initial construction, carrying and burdens, such as a becoming and passing.

Exhibition view Museum DKM, Raum IV
Photo: SDKM