Architecture with the photographer’s eyes (Carlo Scarpa La: Tomba Brion in San Vito D’Altivole)

Klaus Kinold
22.11.2019 – 10.05.2020

Klaus Kinold
Carlo Scarpa La tomba Brion

Klaus Kinold, Carlo Scarpa and Giuseppe Brion: Three great names united at the Museum DKM. The Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa created a Gesamtkunstwerk on two thousand square meters for the Brion family in homage to death. As a place of meditation, grave site, pavilion and chapel represent a great architectural monument.

Museum DKM is dedicating a series of exhibitions to the Munich based architect, artist and photographer Klaus Kinold, who originates himself in the Ruhr area. The series starts with Carlo Scarpa bringing his “La Tomba Brio in focus. Here the photographer’s exceptionally attentive, precise and sober gaze for uniqueness becomes perceptible. His architectural photography takes center stage and unfolds its effect to the viewer. Capturing the particular atmosphere of the site, it resurfaces immanently in the eye of the viewer.

The main exhibition space features Kinold’s photographic view of the tomb, followed by panoramic works exploring Carlo Scarpa’s home in the Veneto and Venice in the successive rooms.