11.06.2016 – 28.08.2016

Exhibition view Museum DKM
Photo: Nikolaus Koliusis

Nikolaus Koliusis, the artist born in Salzburg in 1953 and living in Stuttgart, has become internationally known for his installations of blue photofilter films. Blue, is also the title of the newly furnished artist’s room in the Museum DKM. The artist’s room with his works was the harbinger of the large individual presentation in spring 2017 entitled The Public Space.

Nikolaus Koliusis is a long-time friend and companion of the museum founders Dirk Krämer and Klaus Maas.

Already at the opening of the Garden of Memory of Dani Karavan at Duisburg’s inner harbour in the summer of 1999, the construction site of the future Gallery DKM was played with an installation by Nikolaus Koliusis, under construction I. Consequently, the gallery was opened in December 1999 with the exhibition under construction II.

Ten years later, he positioned two blue-lit bars in front of and in the Gallery DKM, one at an airy height in the exterior of the Gallery DKM and another in the exhibition space. With the exhibition Do come in, Nikolaus Koliusis drew the viewer’s attention to the well-known spatial situation at the inner harbour and pointed the way to the Gallery DKM.