On occasion of various exhibitions — temporary or permanent — Museum DKM has published museum catalogues as well as accompanying booklets, which you may purchase online or at our museum shop.

Black Tools. Patrick Hamilton

Arbeiten auf Papier. Hinsberg/Terfloth

antagomorph. Gereon Krebber

Shin Hanga. Sven Drühl

Johannes Brus in Duisburg

Space, Statics and Movement. Ernst Hermanns

Eccéité. Gianfredo Camesi

The World on Coat Hooks. Thomas Virnich

Paisaje Ausentado. Christian Salineros

The entire graphic works. Blinky Palermo

Ritual, Death and Incantation. Claudia Terstappen

Paintings. Norbert Frensch

…out of one warehouse. Christiane Möbus and Timm Ulrichs

Colors of Memory_ Wanheimerort. Ulrich Erben

spatien. Katharina Hinsberg

Iran – Amlash. Works from the Collection DKM

Ägypten. Works from the Collection DKM

Public alphabet. Mischa Kuball

Barely Something. Ai Weiwei

Barely Something. Ai Weiwei

The history of Gallery DKM

Do come in. Nikolaus Koliusis

111. Young-Jae Lee

Momentanea Mens. Vittorio Messina

Schams! Chess! James! Hannes Vogel

For millions of years. Christiane Möbus

Linien stiller Schönheit

Santiago Dérive. Patrick Hamilton

8/8. Hayato Goto

Photographs, Video Performances. Kyungwoo Chun

Hannes Vogel. Wylermeer