Not All Islands Are Surrounded By Water


Friday, 05.11.2021, 7:00 pm (premiere)
Saturday, 06.11.2021, 7:00 pm

Photo: Sharon Zindany

The Covid pandemic has changed the perspective of our lives. The simplicity of things takes on a new meaning and the attention for the little things that surround us grows.

The distance from each other, that we are trying to maintain, has created a kind of island around us, a geographical and spatial limitation, that allows us to recognize the complexity and richness of our lives.

Each work of art consists of many details, visible and invisible. Our constant quest for complete recognition is unfulfillable, but the sensitivity of each individual allows to perceive very specific detail and create a personal experience.

Not all islands are surrounded by water is a piece with movement, music, text and objects that encourages the viewer to develop his own perception and to understand the meaning of all details in his own way.

On an imaginary island, three dancers explore their limited physicality and maintain clarity in these confusing times.

Choreography and Dance: Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino

Guest choreographer and dancer: Tamar Borer

Music: Florian Walter, Joshua Weitzel

A production of the Kaiser Antonino Dance Ensemble The Roof – TanzRaum and the 42nd Duisburger Akzente supported by the state office NRW Freie Darstellende Künste, Ministry of Culture and Science of the state of North Rine-Westphalia and the city of Duisburg.