Works on Paper


30.01.2016 – 17.04.2016

Exhibition view Museum DKM
Photo: Mick Vincenz

Katharina Hinsberg (*1967) and Beate Terfloth (*1958) are among the most important artists of the present day, who consistently and with different artistic approaches question the possibilities and limits of drawing and record new paths. The line becomes a medium of spatial exploration and transformation. The Museum DKM showed under the title: Works on paper _ Katharina Hinsberg and Beate Terfloth, work groups of the two artists.

Katharina Hinsberg
In Katharina Hinsberg’s work, the line is one of the central design tools. The Museum DKM exhibited works of her series Ajourés (French with holes, punctuated), Giornate (Giornata, Italian. daywork, Pl. Giornate) and the sculptural Nulla dies sine linea #4. The works of the Ajourés series were created without a previous drawing by removing surfaces from the paper with a knife.

Beate Terfloth
The presented brush drawings, books and leporellos by Beate Terfloth were executed during a two-month stay in Beijing in 2014. The brush drawings included an examination of Chinese literary painting. In dialogue with the possibilities of her material, rice paper and China ink, Beate Terfloth draws a line in which the consistency of the ink changes. The books and the leporello were also executed in Beijing and are entitled The Journey to the East. Due to the folding of the books and leporello, the original continuous ink line is layered. The transparent feature of the rice paper allows the viewer to travel through a slightly undulating hilly landscape.