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Conical offering vessel

Offering vessel, Acq. No. 020.006.0025
© Stiftung DKM | Photo: Werner J. Hannappel

New Kingdom, 19th/20th Dynasty, 1280 –1150 BCE
Blue faience
7.0 x 5.6 (4.2) HØ (Ø opening)

This uninscribed miniature vessel made of a blue; relatively thick-walled faience is typologically related to very similar vessels from a well-known vessel depot[1] probably coming from a sanctuary of the funerary god Sokar, which may well have been located at the Memphite necropolis (Saqqara). These miniature vessels are usually inscribed and sometimes contain royal names. Due to the mentioned royal names, it is possible to date the formation of the depot to the period between Amenhotep III and the early Ptolemaic period. This small conical unguent vessel probably contained a small amount of unguent that the owner wished to offer to the deity.

[1] see Ägypten _ Egypt, cat. nos. 51 – 53

Andé Wiese

Catalogue _ Museum DKM: Ägypten _ Egypt

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