Presentation of the collection


from 17.09.2022

Ernst Hermanns, WV 64
Foto: Werner J. Hannappel

After the dismantling of the Omoshirogara exhibition, original collection presentations will return to their former places in the new building. For example, the miniatures by Joseph Beuys’ master student Blinky Palermo (DE 1943 – 1977). In his engagement with Malevich, the artist pursued a conceptual approach that he continued not only in his three-dimensional pictorial objects but also in the extension of painting into the real exhibition space. The miniatures illustrate Palermo’s great joy in experimentation and his extraordinary feeling for space, colour, rhythm and movement.

Exhibition view Museum DKM
Photo: Werner J. Hannappel

Ernst Hermanns’ (DE, 1914 – 2000) expansive installation Ein Raum, which was shown under this title in 1994/1995 at the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf, will also find its way back into Museum DKM. In the Düsseldorf Raum, the constellation mirrors the exact distances of the installation presented at the Kunstverein at that time and forms a special centrepiece of the museum, which integrates not only the DKM Foundation but also the Ernst Hermanns Archive Foundation.

Foto: Werner J. Hannappel