RuhrKunstUrban – Museum findet Stadt


The Museum DKM, together with 20 other museums of the local network RuhrKunstMuseen, is participating in the new educational project RuhrKunstUrban – which takes place between museum, school and a “third space“ – funded by the Mercator Foundation.

RuhrKunstUrban – Museum findet Stadt puts the urban environment of the students increasingly at the center of its considerations and strives for a publicly visible project in the respective urban space.

Based on the collections of the collaborating museums, children and young people get to know artistic approaches and strategies that support and encourage them to consciously perceive the urban space and to actively influence it. In addition to the school as a familiar place and the museum as an extra-curricular location, the educational project also profiles a project space in the city as a “third space”. The aim is to win places that are embedded in already existing urban structures as cooperation partners and to establish them for cultural education work.

The Art Education of the RuhrKunstMuseen also hopes that RuhrKunstUrban will establish cooperation with school and other educational partners, whose needs are actively included at the start of the project development. Finally, the urban space experiences an artistic activation and change through the project. The artistic interventions of the schoolchildren visualize educational work in museums and a personal appropriation of public space.