10.08.2012 – 26.11.2012

An exhibition catalogue with numerous illustrations and texts by Dr. Heike Baare, Dr. Tayfun Belgin and Prof. Dr. Gert Kreytenberg has been published.

Norbert Frensch, exhibition view, 2012
Foto: Werner J. Hannappel


For the first time, two comprehensive, solo museum exhibitions of the painter will be shown in North Rhine Westphalia. The oeuvre’s impressive presence stems from the artist’s relentless investigation of a single compositional theme. In every picture, the artist makes painting itself and thus also our perception the actual subject of his work.

The three works on display in the Museum DKM permanent collection will now be joined by a temporary exhibition. Both areas focus on the series of black, gray and «pipe» paintings. Frensch has been developing the latter from the gray paintings since 2006, showing the artist’s turn to a new subject matter: landscape. The luminous or even diffused rendering creates a sense of atmosphere that inevitably recalls paintings by Caspar David Friedrich or William Turner.
The goal of the two, complementary exhibitions at Museum DKM and at the Osthaus Museum Hagen is to trace the artist’s consistent, painterly development through various periods of the artist’s work. The two museums have cooperated on a catalogue publication that shows both the individual works and their extraordinary, object-like effect in space.